Commercial / Industrial

From 2010 to 2018 JPH has made it a priority to become one of the best commercial and heavy/highway contractors in the state of Pennsylvania..

Paver System's/Streetscapes

JPH works with Belgard Hardscapes and various other hardscape manufacturers to produce top notch hardscaping projects. JPH specializes in large scape streetscape and roadway paver projects. Our most recent streetscape project was the Middletown Streetscape which involved paver crosswalks, paver roadways, paver handicap ramps, and paver plaza seating areas. Streetscapes are a great way to revitalize the economy in a town by encouraging new shops and business to move into the area. JPH has also installed courtyard seating/entertainment areas for commercial businesses and accent paver entrances.


JPH specializes in custom hydro-seeding applications to meet their customer’s specifications and needs. From athletic fields to steep highway embankments JPH effectively stabilizes hundreds of acres a year. They only use Profile hydro-mulch products, which have been the industry standard for decades. JPH will analyze your seeding situation and come up with the best custom seed, supplement, and hydro-mulch mix that will best suite your needs. Hydro- seeding is much more effective due to the fact that it can’t blow away, prevents wind and water erosion, creates more seed and soil contact than conventional seeding, and it is virtually 100% weed free unlike straw.


JPH is teamed up with some of the best growers in the Northeast to bring their clients the highest quality nursery stock on the market. Our landscaping services include tree planting, shrub and perennials planting, and landscape layout and design. Our team can provide pricing for an existing plan or we can custom tailor a plan to meet your needs.

Segmented Retaining Wall Systems

JPH can custom design and build any retaining wall to suite your needs. Whether you need a decorative accent wall or a fifteen foot structural retaining wall JPH has the equipment, manpower, and knowledge to get the job done right. We work with multiple wall suppliers and landscape engineers to create a wall system that will stand the test of time.


JPH is a certified Hunter Irrigation System Installer. Hunter Irrigation Systems offer the customer a wide variety of options such as drip irrigation, pop up spray heads, and pop up rotating heads. No matter what the situation JPH along with Hunter Irrigation Systems can ensure your lawn and plants get the water they need.

Sod Installation

JPH Enterprises works with several local sod growers in Pennsylvania that produce a vast variety of sod. When JPH installs sod you can rest assured that it is fresh cut and in great health.

Wetland Mitigation

Bio Retention Ponds, Reforestation, and Wetland Mitigation are key to the preservation of our ecology. When new infrastructure imposes on existing wetlands, new wetlands and habitat needs to be created. That is where JPH comes in. We work with a variety of native plant growers that specialize in all native plant species to bring the landscape back to its native ecology.

JPH also blends custom engineered soil mixes for rain gardens and bio retention ponds. These mixes are designed to filter the contaminates from the run-off water before it infiltrates into the ground water system.